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Designers and Us Purpose

We make sure that each product and collection our partner designers create reflects the highest quality standards and exclusively available in our shop.

We partnered with renowned Arab and International designers in the fashion industry to provide our customers with the best exclusive collections of luxury products available only to them.

Every item sold by Designers and Us is handmade with utmost precision and devotion to detail.

Home Alteration

Extra Ordinary Services

Experience the Expertise of Home Tailoring Services only by Designers & Us.

Our alteration services ensure that every piece in a woman’s wardrobe is perfect for them.

By having direct access to our designers, women can customize their outfit and get it delivered right at their doorstep!

Designers and us


Experience the Unparalleled Artistry of Top Fashion Designers.

Discover the Expertise of Our Fashion Designers and be part of our journey.

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