With a lifelong passion for fashion, Ihab has been sketching
designs since childhood.Ihab holds a Bachelor's degree in fashion design
from Shankar College, and has successfully established his own Avaunt Grade
label for over 12 years. Seeking further knowledge and expertise, he pursued
two master's degrees; one in theatrical and cinema, specializing in dress and
decor design, and the other in the Master of Design Program, with a focus on
design.As a fashion designer,Ihab Jiryis strongly believes in the power of a dress
to communicate and reflect our personality.

He emphasizes the signicance of
small details and superior quality in achieving a dress's unique identity.
Ihab's collections have consistently received praise and admiration for their
innovative designs.
Ihab Jiryis is famously quoted for his manifesto, stating "Your dress is your
second skin, and just as your natural skin is organic, your second skin should
be a royal covering that protects it.

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