Made her ground in London, the UK, Bangladesh, India, Hong Kong, China and Thailand, she has served time with numerous international fashion names, and brings a stunning personality to fashion design, as well as styling, modelling, trending and blogging. Her work has brought her recognition and she has catered to a distinct clientele.

Anika presented her debut collection in 2006, Hand Crafted products with the European Union in Frankfurt. Anika then moved to Preston, Lancashire (England) to undertake her dual degrees in “Fashion & Brand” that would allow her to develop her fashion practice. Here, in 2010, she presented, as designer and creative director, the Anika Ires collection for the first time at Graduate Fashion Week, London. This opportunity allowed her to gain momentum, she says in her media coverage:
‘Anikaires is a fashion version of my name’. Following this, Anikaires Studio has established itself as an experimental journey in luxurious fashion.